Attend OMA's General Meeting with OMSA

  • Posted on: 10 June 2017
  • By: OMSA Admin

Dear Ontario Medical Students,

The Ontario Medical Association is holding a General Meeting of Members (GMoM) to discuss the Binding Arbitration framework that was recently agreed upon between the OMA’s negotiations committee and the Ministry. This framework will form the guiding principles through which the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC) and the OMA will negotiate the terms of future Physician Services Agreements.

Under the terms of the proposed binding arbitration framework, if the OMA and MOHLTC are unable to reach an agreement in 60 days, there will be a mediation process to reach a binding agreement in renewing the Physician Services Agreement. The full agreement, additional OMA resources that are available to help you include an explanatory overview, a detailed FAQ and a clause by clause interpretative guide are available through the OMA website.

If you are an OMA member, you are able to vote on the proposed binding arbitration framework, either online or in person at the GMoM. This GMoM to discuss and vote on this framework will be taking place on June 17th in Toronto at the Westin Convention Centre, with registration beginning at 8:00 am. The date for this event is quickly approaching, and OMSA would like to invite members of the general assembly to attend.

One of our priorities for OMSA this year is encouraging wider student engagement. Attending is a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of how the OMA functions as well as the decision process around agreements with the Ministry.

Thank you for your attention.


Andrew Dawson, OMSA Chair,

Vivian Ng, OMSA Co-Chair,