Northern Ontario and Rural Health Advocacy

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The Northern Ontario and Rural Health Advocacy (NORHA) portfolio aims to address health care disparities existing within Northern and rural communities directly through our student-led advocacy initiatives including NORM in the News, a position paper focusing on the lack of mental health supports in rural and Northern areas, a commentary focusing on the pros and cons of virtual palliative care in rural areas and researching the importance of actively offering French language services to the Francophone population in health care. We also highlight the work of generalist physicians in Northern and rural Ontario through our Rural Doc Spotlight and created a handout focusing on employment opportunities for physicians in rural Ontario.

Our Projects and Resources

NORM in the News and Rural Research of the Week

Want to know more about health in the Northern and rural communities of Ontario? The best way to learn is by reading the news! The Northern Ontario and Rural Health Advocacy posts weekly links to news articles or research papers about rural health and lifestyle on our Facebook page. Here is an archive of some of our past NORM in the News articles!

Work Opportunities in Rural Ontario Handout

Interested in working in Northern Ontario as a physician? Wondering what hiring opportunities are available in rural and Northern Ontario? Check out this quick reference document to learn more!

Position Paper: Inadequate Mental Health Supports in Rural and Northern Ontario Communities

Here is an OMSA position paper written by Anchaleena Mandal and Madison Burella, Sr. and Jr. Leads of NORHA in 2021, about the barriers to accessing mental health support in rural and northern Ontario and possible solutions.

Rural Resident Spotlight

The purpose of this project is to spotlight a rural resident and their residency program with the goal to increase awareness and interest in the practice of rural medicine across Ontario.


Rural Doc Spotlight

This initiative aims to increase awareness and interest in the practice of rural medicine across Ontario, and hopes to inspire medical students across Ontario to consider practicing medicine in a rural environment.

Dr. Michael Kirlew Dr. Marilyn Crabtree
Dr. Diane Bannon Dr. Sarah Giles
Dr. Becky Neckoway Dr. Tiffaney Kittmer
Dr. Sharon Cirone Dr. Eugene Wong
Dr. Wade Mitchell Dr. Cait Champion
Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick Dr. Sarah Newbery
Dr. Gordon Brock Dr. Stacy Desilets
Dr. Shabbir Amanullah Dr. Sean Moore
Dr. Sayali Tadwalkar Dr. Lisa Nichole Currie
Dr. Jeff Golisky

Ongoing Projects

We have many more ongoing projects that we are excited to publish soon! Some of them include:

  • A commentary on rural palliative care
  • A research study with Reach Accès Zhibbi about access to French interpreters in Sudbury’s Health Sciences North

Social Media

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