Advocacy Resources

OMSA launched the Online Health Policy Education Initiative (OHPEI) with the goal of providing online educational materials that will increase the overall competency of medical students in the area of Health Policy. On this page, the OHPEI team releases Health Policy materials developed by medical students for medical students.

  • Advocacy Toolkit : This toolkit is designed to guide the work of the Longitudinal Government committee, with a focus on how to effectively communicate with an MPP and how to plan an advocacy-related event in collaboration with a political official. Although this guide was designed with Longitudinal Government committee in mind, it can be used by anyone interested in political advocacy. This guide was consolidated from an advocacy toolkit prepared by Avrilynn Ding and Nikhita Singhal and the How to Contact Your Local MPP module, prepared by Colin Adams and Charles Yin,  Ontario Medical Students’ Association. Updated by Rae Ma and Maham Bushra, Ontario Medical Students’ Association Political Advocacy Committee in 2019; and Grace Zhu​ and ​Angela Li​, Ontario Medical Students’ Association Political Advocacy Committee in 2020.

Modules on Health Policy

  • Reaching Out to Your Local MPP: A guide for how to effectively communicate with your local MPP. Prepared by Colin Adams (UWO). Updated by Charles Yin (UWO).

  • Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP): A module covering OHIP eligibility and the services provided with an emphasis on what medical students need to know as they become practicing physicians. Prepared by Michael Killian (UofT) and Ryan Luther (UofT). Updated by Iuliia Proveriana (Ottawa).

  • Canadian Health Care Funding: An overview on how health care is funded in Canada and what the money is being used for. Prepared by Muhammad Ali Akbar (UofT).

  • Governance Structure of Hospitals: A primer on hospital leadership. Prepared by James Ahlin (UWO).

External Resources

  • OMA Advocacy Action Centre: The OMA offers resources, political party platforms and toolkits to enable Ontario physicians and medical students to participate in the provincial advocacy efforts undertaken by the OMA. 

  • Ontario's Doctors: A website developed by OMA to highlight physician leaders, express physicians concerns about the current state of the health-care system and recommend improvements.

  • Canadian Federation of Medical Students: The CFMS represents Canadian medical students on national healthcare issues through Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee, Health Policy Committee and others. Their website offers position papers and information on the Federal Lobby Day.