Northern and Rural Student Engagement

The Northern and Rural Student Engagement (NRSE) Committee consists of medical students studying at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, or at a rural satellite campus of other medical schools in Ontario. The aim of the NRSE committee is to advocate for improved access to urban-based professional development opportunities for NOSM and rural-based students through various projects and initiatives. Preference is given to applicants who are studying at NOSM or rural satellite campuses.

Our Projects and Resources

Canadian Residency Social Media Accounts

COVID-19, geographical challenges, and high financial costs are just a few of the barriers that Canadian medical students face in getting to know residency programs across the country. We have compiled the social media accounts of medical schools and residencies across Canada so that you can stay up to date with their activities, information sessions, and much more!

Medical Schools and Residency Accounts (by school) Residencies (by specialty)

Northern and Rural Student Feature

If you’re interested in exploring rural medicine it can be both exciting and difficult to prepare for such unique settings, but preparation is essential! To help with your preparation, we are featuring 3 Ontario medical students here. Each from a different stage of medical training, they share their preparation, placements, and lessons learned. Enjoy!

Student Feature #1: NOSM Student Feature #2: University of Toronto

Social Media

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