Here is the OMSA Expense Claims Form

Here is the OMA EFT expense form

Here is a template form that you can use to send an invoice to OMSA.

To submit a reimbursement from OMSA, follow these steps:

Step #1 - Fill out your main form (expense form or invoice)

If you are claiming expenses (lunch, poster, conference fees, travel expenses, etc) or receiving a grant/award (conference, MSERG, innovator, Art of Medicine, Hidden Hero, etc) please fill out the OMSA Expense Claims Form.

If you are a 3rd party and NOT an OMSA member (i.e. a speaker at an event, a business vendor, etc) please fill out this template form.

Step #2a - Fill out the OMA EFT Form

Please fill out the OMA EFT form if this is your first time submitting for reimbursement. Use this form for your expenses. If you have previously submitted this form, you do not need to resubmit unless you would like to change your account information.

Step #2b - Void Cheque and Direct Deposit Form

A copy of a void cheque or direct deposit form is required. If you have previously submitted a void cheque or direct deposit form for an OMSA reimbursement, you do not need to resubmit unless you would like to change your bank account info. 

Step #3 - Submission

Please submit all documents (expense form, receipts, +/- EFT and void cheque) using this google form.

NOTE: Email reimbursements are not accepted. Please submit using the link provided. This is for consolidation and tracking purposes. 

NOTE: For Amazon purchases and purchases made in USD, please ensure to read the blurb at at the top of the submission form linked above 

Note: you will not receive confirmation that your reimbursement is being processed. Reimbursements will be done by via electronic transfer within 4-6 weeks. Please reach out if you have not received your transfer within a month of submission.

Any questions can be directed to