Urban Student Engagement

Photo by Maddie Nolan, Moose Factory ON

About This Committee

  • Our main goal is to facilitate interest in and opportunities for rural experiences for urban-based medical students. This includes but is not limited to raising awareness of existing rural opportunities, or creating communities and resources that make rural experiences more accessible. This portfolio is generally led by two students from any Southern schools not at a rural satellite campus.
  • Please reach out to our Chairs (contact information below) if you would like to learn more information about gaining rural opportunities at your school!

Past Projects/Resources


  • NORM Homestays and Information Sharing Facebook Group  

    • This Facebook group is facilitated by OMSA's Northern Ontario Rural Medicine (NORM) Committee. The purpose of this closed group is to:
    1. Facilitate an informal online network between northern/rural and urban students to support homestays in Ontario and to reduce costs and barriers to northern/rural students pursuing urban experiences as well as to urban students pursuing northern/rural experiences.. Homestay refers to accomodation in someone's home (e.g. a student's apartment, a room within a family home, a family's cottage etc). Homestays are on hold due to the ongoing SARS-Cov2 Pandemic, but we hope to bring them back when it is safe to do so
    2. Students undertaking rural and remote experiences in ONTARIO (observerships, electives, etc.) are encouraged to share information about their experiences using the "Northern/Rural Community Experiences" Google Form pinned at the top of this page. The resulting Google Sheet is pinned as well. This serves to assist other students in planning northern and rural experiences.

Social Media

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