The following outlines OMSA's Policy on Financial Sponsors and Financial Partners. All committees working with external partners are required to follow these guidelines.

(1) All committees refrain from partnering with, contacting or promoting any company that operates in the insurance industry offering similar products and services to those offered by OMA Insurance. This includes life, disability, auto, home and personal insurance offerings.
(2) All committees refrain from financial partnerships with organizations that sell clinical skills equipment including stethoscopes and other clinical skills tools.
(3) All committees ensure adequate vetting of corporate financial partners to ensure they meet OMSA’s values as found on our website: Vision, Mission, and Values | Ontario Medical Students Association. This can include, but is not limited to, the use of search engines, news articles (historic or current), public records and financial disclosures.
(4) All committees have access to information related to previous partners for their given event (i.e. Wellness Retreat, MSERG, etc) and consider working with historic/long-term partners so long as their offers are reasonable and workable

Policy Effective January 8, 2022. Policy Expires August 31, 2024 unless otherwise stipulated.

For any partnership that is unclear, all committees can consult the VP Finance (finance@omsa.ca) for determination.