Advocacy Priorities

As future physicians dedicated to the health of Ontarians, we advocate for changes in education, health policy and care delivery that will benefit both Ontario medical students and the people we serve.

The OMSA Advocacy Values Statement defines the values and principles of the health system that OMSA firmly supports and will strive to uphold. This commitment will be reflected in OMSA press releases, position papers, communications, and initiatives. The OMSA Advocacy Values and Guiding Principles is available here.

The Advocacy Priorities listed here have been identified by the OMSA Council and medical students through the 2021 Ontario Student Political Advocacy Survey. The top three priorities for the future of healthcare in Ontario identified by medical students in the 2021 survey are summarized in the infographic below. OMSA will be advocating on all three fronts over the 2021-2022 year. To learn how, or to get involved, please contact the VP Advocacy at


  •  P  Position Statement or Policy Paper available
  •  O  OMSA advocacy work
  •  M  Ontario Medical Student advocacy work

Access and Equity

  • Access to Long Term Care  P   O 
  • Access to Mental Health Care  P   O   M 
  • Northern and Rural Health  M 
  • Indigenous Health  M 
  • Reproductive & Sexual Health  M 
  • Access to Palliative Care
  • Medical Assistance in Dying

Environmental Health

  • Climate Change

Health Coverage

  • Pharmacare  M 
  • Immigrant and Refugee Health Coverage
  • Universal Dental Care
  • Assistive Device Coverage

Health System Planning and Financing

  • Effective Health Human Resource Planning  P   O   M 
  • Ontario Health Care Funding  M 

Health System Stewardship

  • Efficient Use of Resources  M 
  • Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship  M 

Medical Student Affairs

  • Medical Student Mental Health  P   O   M 
  • Medical School Tuition and Clerkship Stipend  O   M 
  • Minority Representation in the Profession  O   M 
  • Conscience Rights for Medical Learners
  • Clerkship Call Schedule and Lieu Days
  • Residency Cuts  O 

Public Health

  • Access to Needle Exchange Sites
  • Safe Injection Sites  M 
  • Opioid Epidemic  M 

Social Policy

  • Food Security
  • Homelessness  P   M 
  • Youth Poverty
  • Income Security
  • Childhood Obesity  P