Support of Medical Student Parents in Undergraduate Medical Education

Endorsed In: 
May, 2017
Paper Type: 
Policy Paper

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  • Nina Mazze (University of Toronto)
  • Kailey Minnings (University of Toronto)
  • Sarah Silverberg (University of Toronto)
  • Sam Nordlund (Northern Ontario School of Medicine)
  • Tianyue Wang (University of Toronto)
  • Maria Daniel (University of Toronto)
  • Safoora Fatima (University of Toronto)
  • Catherine Leurer (University of Toronto)
  • Tahrin Mahmood (University of Toronto)
  • Priya Sayalb (University of Toronto)


Parents in medical school face unique challenges and situations that require consideration by undergraduate medical education faculties. Parenting while studying medicine is an ambitious and increasingly common endeavour. These students have dual roles and responsibilities which often compete for time and attention, and as a result occasionally require special resources or accommodations. For many medical students, undergraduate medical education directly coincides with childbearing years. Accordingly, it is important for OMSA to support student-parents and advocate on their behalf for comprehensive policies at Ontario medical schools.


  • Increase and improve accessibility of undergraduate medical education to student parents through curricular flexibility, greater transparency, and improved facilities.
  • Foster a strong, supportive and family-friendly environment for its student-parents through peer support and mentorship.