Endorsed Policy & Position Papers

The Ontario Medical Students Association's OPAC (Ontario Political Advocacy Committee) serves as a working group for the direction of our Advocacy and Lobby Day efforts guided by the policy and position papers endorsed by OMSA. These policy and position papers are designed to educate and to help direct our policy towards future lobbying efforts.

Although the OPAC and the Education Committee take the lead in the creation of most of these papers, any Ontario Medical Student is welcome to contribute new papers to OMSA for approval, or propose ideas and work alongside the OPAC and/or the Education Committee to develop new papers. For more information on creating and submitting new policy or position papers, please click here.


Endorsed Insort ascending Paper Type Title
Dec 2020 Position Paper Improving Personal Financial Literacy of Ontario Medical Students
Sep 2020 Position Paper Integration of Point of Care Ultrasound Into Formal Curricula Across Ontario Medical Schools
Jun 2020 Position Paper Addressing Inequities Through the LGBTQ2+ Medical Curriculum
Jun 2020 Position Paper Improving Inclusion and Healthcare for LGBTQ2+ Students
May 2020 Position Paper Implementing a Competency-Based Medical Education Curriculum for the Ontario Undergraduate Medical Education Programs
Mar 2020 Position Paper Reducing Social Isolation to Improve Health Outcomes in the Elderly
Nov 2019 Position Paper Increasing Transparency in Ontario Medical School Admissions
Apr 2019 Position Paper Addressing Hospital Gridlock Through Seniors' Care
Apr 2019 Position Paper Comprehensive Sexual Health and Human Development Education
Apr 2019 Position Paper Medical Student Involvement in Ontario's HHR Planning
Feb 2019 Position Paper Preparing Medical Students for the Impact of Artificial Intelligence
May 2018 Position Paper Rising Medical Student Tuition in Ontario
May 2018 Position Paper The Northern Ontario Rural Medicine (NORM) Committee
May 2017 Policy Paper Support of Medical Student Parents in Undergraduate Medical Education
May 2017 Policy Paper Addressing Barriers to Mental Health Among Medical Students
May 2017 Policy Paper Improving Mental Health Services for Ontario's Children and Youth
Apr 2017 Policy Paper Optimizing Patient Care Through Physician HR Planning
Mar 2017 Position Paper Improving Service Learning Curricula in Medical Education
Mar 2017 Position Paper Improving Long-term Care Access for Seniors
Mar 2016 Position Paper Socioeconomic Status as a Determinant for Medical School Admissions