The OMSA Wellness Committee is excited to announce that our annual OMSA Wellness Retreat will take place during March 23-25, 2018.

Theme: "Wellness of the Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotion"

The weekend will provide a unique opportunity to focus on your own health and wellbeing! Featured keynote speakers include Dr. Mamta Gautam and Dr. Shailla Vaidya. Click here for a booklet with detailed information on speakers, workshops and all the other fun activities we have planned for you!

Registration: Opens March 5, 2018 at 17:00, first come first serve basis with limited spots per school. To register, please visit the Wellness Retreat Eventbrite Page. It is highly recommended that you read the booklet linked above and decide on your workshop preferences in advance. Eventbrite allows for a 10-minute limit for competing the registration form that involves entering top four choices for each of the four workshop slots. If your school tickets are sold out, email to join the waitlist (specify your full name, school name and mobile number in the email). You are not expected to pay until a spot is available for you. After registration, if you wish to make changes to the information such as workshop preferences, create an account on with the email address you used to purchase the ticket, and you will see the ticket on your account.

Cost: $90 for the entire weekend, including meals. Note that once you register and pay, no refunds will be provided. You may be allowed to transfer your ticket to another student in your school in extenuating circumstances. Further details available on the Wellness Retreat Eventbrite Page.

In keeping with the tone of the wellness retreat, this is a dry event. Alcohol will not be served or allowed on-site.

If you have any questions, please contact: We look forward to seeing you at the Wellness Retreat!


What is the OMSA Wellness Retreat?

Medical School can keep us pretty busy and taking care of ourselves tends to get put to the back burner… this is why, every year, OMSA hosts a perfect weekend for medical students looking for the chance to relax and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle! The weekend takes place in March at the Briars Resort & Spa by Lake Simcoe in Jackson's Point, ON. 

This three-day event is for you to focus on your own well-being. As your student representatives, we are committed to your professional and personal development. The OMSA Wellness Committee organizes a series of interactive workshops and activities to provide students with the tools in order to maintain physical, emotional, mental and social health amidst the many demands of a medical education. These workshops will focus on areas such as mindfulness, support systems, nutrition, exercise and more! Our goal is to create a supportive atmosphere where it is appropriate to discuss any stressors and strategies to overcome them.

The weekend will start late on the Friday afternoon with dinner and a group workshop. Saturday/Sunday will have a mix of speakers and various activities. The cost includes rooming and food, and we try to keep the cost for the entire weekend as low as possible depending on the amount of sponsorship. Students will be expected to pay for their own transportation.

We are thrilled to be hosting such an exciting event for medical students! If you have any questions, please email our Director of Services at


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