Improving Inclusion and Healthcare for LGBTQ2+ Students

Endoresed in:

June, 2020

Paper Type:

Position Paper


  • David Lee (University of Toronto)
  • Kristian McCarthy (University of Toronto)


LGBTQ2+ students should never face discrimination or exclusion on their university campuses. Despite growing awareness about sexual orientation and gender identity, homophobia, transphobia, and gender-based violence continue to exist on university campuses, which creates barriers to access and causes significant harm. This policy paper provides a series of recommendations from OMSA directed at the Ontario government, and Ontario medical schools to improve the experiences of LGBTQ2+ students on Ontario’s campuses and in their communities.


  • The Ministry of Health should provide mandatory training for on-campus physicians on the history and current experiences of LGBTQ2+ students, with specific attention to mental health and unique needs of asexual and intersex students.
  • The Ontario government should expand the Post-Secondary Student Helpline to include resources and support for LGBTQ2+ students. Specifically, they should ensure that any expansion of the Good2Talk program includes provisions for the recruitment of counsellors with lived experience supporting LGBTQ2+ students as well as adequate additional training for staff expected to interact with LGBTQ2+ students.
  • The Ontario government should work with the Council of Ontario Universities, Ontario Medical Schools and the Council of Senior Administrative Officers to identify barriers that exist for students attempting to change their name and affirm their gender identity and make recommendations to address these barriers.
  • The Ontario government should conduct a province-wide climate analysis to determine the current state of LGBTQ2+ healthcare in Ontario. All data collection activity should clearly outline its purpose and respect the safety, confidentiality, and anonymity of Two Spirit and LGBTQ2+ students.