OMSA's Response to the Proposed Tuition Fees and OSAP Changes

This week, the Government of Ontario announced its intention to reduce tuition by 10 percent and reform the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). These decisions have many implications for medical students across the province.


First, OMSA welcomes the government’s intent to address the rise in post-secondary tuition. Advocating for reduced tuition has been a priority for OMSA over the past few years, and we appreciate the government’s efforts to reduce tuition costs.


Second, OMSA acknowledges that universities are expected to absorb the costs of the tuition cut. We ask both the Government of Ontario and the Faculties of Medicine to ensure quality medical training, and to consult medical students when engaging in budgetary decisions in the coming months.


Lastly, OMSA is concerned about the proposed reduction in OSAP support, as many medical students rely on OSAP to finance their education and reduce their debt burden. OMSA is particularly concerned about the elimination of full tuition support for students from low-income families as it would negatively impact diversity.


OMSA will closely follow these changes and work with universities and the Government of Ontario to address these concerns and support the training of our province’s future doctors.


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