OMSA Passes Four Motions at OMA General Council Meeting 2011

OMSA successfully passed FOUR motions at the most recent OMA General Council meeting held in Toronto, Ontario during the weekend of November 12, 2011! The General Council represents one of the avenues through which OMSA advocates on behalf of Ontario medical students. We would like to thank everyone who submitted responses to the Negotiations Survey sent out a few weeks ago – your answers were very helpful in clarifying the proposed motions.

The motions passed by the General Council were as follows:

  1. “That the OMA support and encourage the uptake of OMA wellness resources by medical students with a commitment to serve the wellness needs of medical students in the case where specific needs are identified.”

  2. “That the OMA support activities and resources for medical students which promote leadership development and improved knowledge of health policy and systems”

  3. “That the OMA promote the results of the Ontario Population Needs Based Physician Simulation Model as a source of information for medical students who are making important career decisions and as a basis for advocating for increases, reductions, and re-allocations in residency positions in the province of Ontario as needed.”

  4. “That the OMA commit to ongoing health human resource planning as an important part of its advocacy work and as a vital component of building a strong health system.”