OMSA Medical Student of the Month of March 2016 - Arnav Agarwal

Meet Arnav Agarwal (University of Toronto), our student of the month for March 2016!


OMSA recognizes student achievements from commendable volunteer engagement to research accomplishment to contributions to faculty and student life. Over his last 1.5 years in the shoes of a medical student, Arnav has made leaps in a number of these facets.


Overseeing over 26 community engagement programs with the portfolio of VP Community Affairs for the Medical Society, Arnav has always made an effort to facilitate the involvement of his peers in community programs that fit their interests. As an active leader in over a dozen clubs both within and beyond the UofT community, he has spearheaded various initiatives – from contributing to CFMS position papers, to seeking a formal partnership for a student-led UofT community program with the City of Toronto, to co-leading the organization and promotion of several international health and marginalized population health-focused conferences. Arnav has supplemented his active presence in the medical school and broader community with ground-level engagement in various programs as well, conducting screening exams with kindergarten students, facilitating presentations to empower immigrants and refugees with knowledge on how to access the healthcare system, and providing one-on-one mentorship to undergraduate students interested in medicine through both UofT and McMaster programs (among many other involvements!).


Arnav’s accomplishments have exceeded community and extracurricular domains. Over the last couple of years, Arnav has contributed as a co-author to over 30 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, position papers and other peer-reviewed publications – some of his work has even featured in prominent journals such as JAMA, CMAJ and European Urology. He has also made a consistent contribution to UofT’s very own medical journal (UTMJ). Apart from setting an example for those around him to be more engaged in research scholarship, Arnav also makes an effort to go out of his way to help friends and colleagues with their own research initiatives, re-affirming his commitment not only to research but to his fellow-students and his friendships. What stands out the most is not how much he has done, but how committed he is and how ready he is to share what he has learned with his friends.


Perhaps what captures Arnav best is his commitment to maintaining close friendships and his unwavering work ethic. He is always looking for ways to engage his peers and makes a very active presence within the student community despite the varied commitments he balances. His friendliness, openness to perspectives and dedication to what he does compliment his varied passions and involvements, and speak for themselves through what he continues to accomplish!