OMSA Medical Student of the Month of March 2015 - Meagan Roy


Thank you once again for all your submissions of amazing peer stories. We are proud to feature the story of second year NOSM student Meagan Roy.


When thinking about someone worthy of being the Ontario Medical Student Association student of the month, there is one name that immediately comes to mind: Meagan Roy. Meagan is a phenomenal medical student and an exceptional human being. There are many reasons that make her deserving of such a distinction.


As a second year student at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Meagan is actively involved in volunteer and leadership activities. As a Site Coordinator for the NOSM branch of the Altitude Mentorship Program, she organizes and executes mentorship events for undergraduate students, and oversees the mentorship aspect of the program. Her warm demeanor and giving spirit fosters a warm environment for perspective medical students to feel comfortable and welcome. Meagan also gives her time to many other student groups. As secretary of the Student Led Clinic, which is in its development stages at NOSM, she keeps everyone informed and on track by setting up meetings, creating and distributing agendas, and taking a very active role in the group meetings. As a co-founder of the Patient Safety and Medicolegal Interest Group at NOSM, she supplements student learning by providing information on a topic she identified was not addressed within our curriculum. Furthermore, by fostering relationships with community legal members, she has provided students with invaluable learning opportunities and valuable community contacts.


Furthermore, Meagan has also shown a dedication to advancing her knowledge base beyond our undergraduate medical curriculum. As a recipient of a Summer Medical Research Award, she worked on a project regarding Diabetes, Dementia, and Depression in an Aboriginal population. She also attends a multitude of continuing education and professional development programs on a variety of topics, such as LGBTQ inclusivity, wellness, poverty, and pregnancy and infant loss sensitivity. She also seeks to educate the student body on topics that she has extensive knowledge in. With a background of ten years in the optometric field, she spoke at a student-led session to impart knowledge of common eye issues that we would undoubtedly encounter during our clinical placements, and beyond.


Although Meagan’s dedication to student groups, volunteering and leadership endeavors keep her very busy, her most astounding feature is her dedication to her fellow students. She is well loved in our student body and is known for her selfless and giving spirit. Her willingness to help others is inspiring, and creates a warm and accepting learning environment. Whether she is offering to help out with a school related event, or is quietly supporting another student through a difficult time, she can always be counted on for a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Medical school can be a challenging and overwhelming endeavor at times, but with a classmate and incredible friend like Meagan, the road is brighter and the load is lighter.