OMSA Executive Response to NO Result for Physician Services Agreement 2016

Dear OMSA members,


After intense debate, analysis, and engagement, the province’s medical students, residents, and physicians have made a decision on the tentative Physician Services Agreement. Overall, 63.1% voted against the Agreement, either in person at the August 14 General Meeting or by proxy. The total participation rate was 55% of the OMA’s membership. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of our members who weighed in on this agreement on social media, email with the OMSA Executive, and in discussions with each other and your physician and resident mentors. We are inspired by you and hope that your engagement in medical politics and with OMSA does not end here.


The path forward is uncertain. However, OMSA will continue to advocate strongly on behalf of medical students, and a system that provides sustainability and high-quality care for our future patients.




Your OMSA Executive