A Poem about CaRMS... A Message from our Co-Chair

‘Twas the night before CaRMS when all through the web,
Not a med student was sleeping, laptop glued to their head.
The letters were assigned to each program with care,
Knowing a program director soon would be there.

The students were pulling the hair from their head,
As CaRMS‘ faulty programming gave an “error message” again.

And “Where should I list this publication?” one asked,
“Who knows? Email CaRMS?! It’s too late!” they all gasped.

When the internet flickered there arose a great cry,
The sound of 3000 simultaneous MI’s.
In search of the Submit button they flew like a flash,
‘Alas it had vanished, along with their cash.

They prayed for a miracle this upcoming spring,
For “You have been matched” to appear on their screen.
When the calendar falls on fateful March 5th,
They will cheer from the rooftops, “That was 1st on my list!”

“Yay Ottawa!” “Yay Queen’s!” “So glad I got NOSM!”
From Vancouver to St. John’s, “Oh man, this is awesome!”
To Calgary! To Dal! To Old Montreal!
There is no greater joy for med students on call.

But that dream feels a very long way away,
For tonight they will toil, awake they shall stay.
After tomorrow the pain and suffering will pass,
To the Class of 2013, let’s all raise a glass!

Stephanie Kenny, OMSA Co-Chair, Class of 2013, University of Ottawa