Grants and Awards

2023- 2024 Application Deadlines

  • Round #1 (Fall): Friday September 29, 2023 (for conferences September 1 to December 31) to offer 16 grants

  • Round #2 (Winter): Friday February 2, 2024 (for conferences January 1 to April 30) to offer 16 grants

  • Round #3 (Spring/Summer): Friday May 31, 2024 (for conferences May 1 to August 31) to offer 16 grants

  • Round #1 (Fall): Friday December 29, 2023 to offer 6 grants

  • Round #2 (Winter): Friday March 29, 2024 to offer 6 grants

  • Friday March 29, 2024 to offer 3 grants
  • Friday, March 29, 2024 to offer 2 grants
  • Friday, March 29, 2024 to offer 12 grants
  • Friday April 26, 2024 to offer 3 grants

I’ve been selected to receive an OMSA grant. Now what?

Congratulations! Please READ and FOLLOW ALL of the instructions below to ensure that you receive your award in a timely manner. 

If you are the recipient of: Conference Grants, Innovator Grants, or School-Specific Sponsorship Grants, you will be reimbursed for expenses incurred attending your conference or running your event/initiative, and therefore MUST submit receipts to back up your funding. You may also be required to submit reports to OMSA documenting your work – please refer to individual instructions sent to you by the Grants and Awards (G&A) Committee. 

If you are the recipient of: MSERG, the Abeera Shahid Student Recognition Award, or the Art of Medicine Award, your grant amount will be paid to you as a lump-sum via EFT direct deposit. 

Please take the following steps to secure your award: 

  1. Download and complete the following forms from THIS LINK:

    • 1 – OMSA Expense Claims Form: Complete all personal information (including OMA #), indicate which award you have received, and indicate the amount.

    • 2 – OMA EFT Request Form: You are the “Vendor”. Please include all required personal and banking information. HST number and business information should be left blank. 

    • 3 – OMSA Awards T4A Form: Required if the value of your award is or exceeds $500 (CAD). 

  2. Make sure you have the following documents ready for submission:

    • Void cheque OR direct deposit form: Typically downloaded from your online banking platform.

    • Your offer letter confirming receipt of the award.

  3. Access the OMSA Reimbursement Request Form at THIS LINK:

    • Complete the form and follow the on-screen instructions to submit your documents. 

    • If you are submitting receipts to back up your funding, note that they MUST be submitted as a single, collated PDF file alongside your formal offer letter. 

  4. Please note that you will not get confirmation that your submission was received and will only be contacted by me if there is an issue. You should expect to receive an EFT deposit 2-4 weeks after submission of this form AND all other required documents.

Please do not hesitate to contact the OMSA VP Finance ( with any questions.