Nomination and Election Process

Candidacy submission is open until April 25, 2019 at 11:59 pm ET. 

The Ontario Medical Student Association is hosting its annual election on May 12, 2019, and is inviting you to run for its Officer positions for the 2019-20 term! This will occur concurrently with the OMSA Annual General Meeting which is being held starting at 9:00 am on May 12, 2019 at the OMA Offices, 150 Bloor St. W, Toronto. The following positions are all for a one year term:

  • Chair
  • Co-Chair
  • Director of Services
  • Director of Education
  • Director of Representation
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Finance and Internal Affairs


If you are interested in being nominated as a candidate, all you need to do is submit your name and a 250-word platform using the form below. If you wish, you may also email your photograph to Candidate platforms will be posted on the OMSA website prior to elections, and all of you are encouraged to contact your local VP Externals to obtain their feedback on the electoral candidates before election day.

Want to learn more about a position, or simply want to run an idea by an OMSA executive member?  Feel free to connect with them and ask! The contact information for the current OMSA council and full details for the elections and the positions can be found here.

Any questions and candidate photographs can be directed to

Additional Information: You may run for a maximum of 2 positions, unless you are running for Chair or Co-Chair, in which case you may run for both those positions and a director role. Nominees will be asked to prepare a short speech in person or through a submission of a video or written statement which would be read by the elections officer. Speeches will be up to 90 seconds in length, except for the Chair and Co-chair speech will be up to 120 seconds. This will be followed by 2 minutes of questions (candidates not present may teleconference in to answer questions).

Thank you for your interest in joining OMSA!


Nomination Form

NOTE: You can submit the form multiple times if you would like to run for more that one position.


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