Medical Student Wellness

Endorsed In: 
April, 2015
Paper Type: 
Position Paper

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  • Kyle Fiorini (Western University)
  • Nina Mazze (University of Toronto)
  • Justin Cottrell (Western University)
  • Heather Smith (Northern Ontario School of Medicine)


Ontario medical student mental health and wellness is a significant factor to the development of Ontario‚Äôs future physicians. There are a number of barriers that medical students must overcome in order to access the available wellness resources offered at their schools. The purpose of this paper is to advocate for a more accessible and sustainable approach to managing medical student mental health and wellness. 


  • That the Ontario Medical Students Association and the Ontario Faculties of Medicine work to destigmatize mental illness among medical learners.
  • Ontario Faculties of Medicine should ensure mental health and wellness resources are accessible to all medical learners in Ontario.