Art of Medicine Award

Do you find that there is no space for artistic expression in medical school? Well, look no further! Whether you’re the next van Gogh, Beethoven or Nijinksy, or even if you just enjoy art as a hobby, the Art of Medicine Award serves to recognize impactful art pieces created by you and your fellow medical peers based on a yearly theme. We accept any sort of art form, from singing to dancing to visual art to poems to beyond – it is up to whatever you like! Each award is valued at $250. Two winners will be chosen per year.

Selection Criteria

The top 6 pieces, as determined by OMSA Council through vote, will be put for public vote by all Ontario medical students. The pieces will all be blinded by the OMSA VP Finance prior to the internal vote; however, pieces may be unblinded for the public vote at the artists discretion. The top two pieces with the most votes will win the award. 


Theme for 2024: Global Health Perspectives.

*Note: As of September 2021, all grant applicants must be registered/active members of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). This requires both online registration and paid annual dues of $10. Please visit OMA My Account and log in to see your membership status. If you have a dues balance of $0.00 then you are considered registered and active! If you have an outstanding balance, please make the appropriate payment by following the prompts. Applications from non-registered/non-active applicants will be disqualified. Should you require special consideration or if you feel that this membership may be cost-prohibitive, please email the VP Finance ( and cc the VP EDI ( OMSA strives to support each and every Ontario Medical Student and we commit to providing a tailored solution that meets your needs.