The Ontario Political Advocacy Committee is the political advocacy body of the OMSA.

As future physicians dedicated to the health of Ontarians, we advocate for changes in education, health policy and care delivery that will benefit both Ontario medical students and the people we serve.

Represent medical student perspective on educational, political, and social issues to improve our health and medical education systems and the health of Ontarians.

  • Determine and promote key issues of concern for lobbying the Ontario government.
  • Empower medical students in grassroots advocacy initiatives.
  • Educate students on healthcare issues and ways to advocate.
  • Foster ongoing collaboration between Ontario’s medical students and health system stakeholders from community and professional organizations, universities and government.


Chair (OMSA Director of Representation):
Lauren Crosby, Western University:

Local Initiatives
Chief Outreach Officer:
Michael-Anthony Ferrato, Western University:
General Members:
Nick Parle, McMaster University:
Nikhita Singhal, McMaster University:
Nel Vandermeer, Northern Ontario School of Medicine:
Yipeng Ge, University of Ottawa:
Alexander Liam Pearson, University of Ottawa:
Sean Davison, Queen's University:
Abdulkarim Muhaseen, University of Toronto:
Imaan Javeed, University of Toronto:
Trystan Nault, Western University:
Gunjan Mhapankar, Western University:

Support Branch
Chief Medical Editor:

Austin Yan, University of Ottawa:
General Members:
Tanishq Suryavanshi, McMaster University:
Maylynn Ding, McMaster University:

Policy Branch
Chief Policy Officer:

Danusha Jebanesan, University of Ottawa:
General Members:
Annie Wang, University of Toronto:
Nina Mazze, University of Toronto:
Daegan Sit, University of Ottawa:
Andrei Smarandache, McMaster University:
Asha Behdinan, University of Toronto:

Lobby Day Branch
Lobby Day Chair:
Claudia Frankfurter, University of Toronto:
Continuity Chair:
Vivian Tam, McMaster University:
General Members:
Meagan Roy, Northern Ontario School of Medicine:
Tharshika Thangarasa, University of Ottawa: