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The Ontario Medical Student of the Month is an initiative by OMSA to highlight the achievements of our fellow medical students. Students of all years from any of the 6 Ontario medical schools are eligible to be nominated. If you believe that someone in your class or school (or that you know from another school) deserves to be recognized for her/his achievements please fill in the form below (takes ~2 min according to our expert survey testers). Any significant achievement can qualify, from volunteering in the community, making a great contribution to their Faculty of Medicine, advocacy work, innovating research, or a stand out Good Samaritan act. After nomination, one student will be selected by our committee to have their bio featured and shared on our website. 

Check out the video below for a highlight of some of our past students of the month!

Student of the Month Nomination Form

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Why do you believe he/she deserves this recognition? It can be related to a volunteer activity, a great research project, contribution to the faculty, good Samaritan act and more.
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