Get Involved

There are multiple ways to get involved with the OMSA:

a) Be a member of the OMSA Council

  • As a Chair or Portfolio Director - elections for Chair/Co-chair and Director positions happen in May of each year. Please visit here to find elections information for this year! Nomination forms are open until May 5th, 2016, and elections are on May 7th.
  • As a medical school VP External - elections for school VP Externals are done internally at each school, typically in September. Contact your current school VP External for more information.

b) Be on an OMSA Committee - OMSA has various committees for each of the executive portfolios: Communications, Education, Representation (OPAC), Wellness, & the Ontario Wellness Officer position. Applications are currently open for all these committees and are due October 2, 2016 at 11:59pm. Click here to visit the application. See below for descriptions of the committees. 


Education Committee DescriptionThe work of the education portfolio is organized around the principles of advocacy, collaboration, mentorship, and scholarship. As such, the Education Committee (EdCom) will be tasked with organizing and implementing programs that address these principles. In the domain of advocacy, the EdCom will work toward the writing of position statements and policy papers that support the educational interests of Ontario’s medical students. Regarding collaboration, the EdCom will build on existing collaborative projects and identify grassroots initiatives for potential partnership. In the domain of mentorship, the EdCom will be responsible for supporting organizations and interventions that bring knowledge and strategies from experienced members of our communities to its new members. Finally, in the domain of scholarship, the EdCom will promote medical education research excellence through the Medical Student Education Research Grant. 

Committee/Working Group Positions
Health Human Resources: Continue from last year to build a second iteration of a HHR guide for students (first iteration coming soon!) and collaborate with various bodies (such as OMA, Ministry of Health etc). 
Incoming Student Handbook: Communicate with schools to create school specific information for the 2017 handbook and set the long-term plan for the future of the handbook's.
Student Run Clinics Toolkit: Collaborate with CFMS to create the second iteration of the SRC toolkit. 
Educational Advocacy: Develop, find writing teams for, and oversee policy and position papers regarding educational topics (e.g. rising tuition costs among Ontario medical schools). 
Mentorship: Support Altitude mentorship, find opportunities to collaborate on mentorship quality improvement projects with Altitude and local programs at schools. 
Scholarship: Implement, review applicants for, and award Medical Student Education Research Grant program. Find Education Committee (or other OMSA) projects suitable for peer reviewed publication and facilitate this process. 


OPAC Description: The Ontario Political Advocacy Committee (OPAC) is mandated to represent and support Ontario medical students through lobbying efforts, empowering grassroots advocacy, providing educational tools and training opportunities, and fostering ongoing collaboration between medical students and health system stakeholders. OPAC is looking for students with an interest in advocacy and health policy, and strength in writing, research, communication, and organization.  Experience working with teams or in advocacy is an asset, although no prior experience is necessary. Must be available to participate in biweekly teleconference meetings. Candidates are welcome to apply to more than one position. Questions can be directed to your VP Externals or the Director of Representation, Lauren Crosby at

Committee Positions:
Local Initiatives Branch (2 positions per school): Provide support to grassroots advocacy efforts at your school by facilitating interactions with MPP’s and developing media pieces. Organize guest speaker events and advocacy training opportunities at your school. Develop and promote the OPAC Survey.
Policy Branch (4 positions): Develop position statements and policy papers to outline the Ontario medical student perspective on various health policy topics and to guide advocacy efforts. Prepare the Lobby Day Ask and supporting documents.
Support Branch (2 positions)
- Editor:
Act as editor for newly developed policy documents and update existing advocacy materials to maintain quality and relevancy.
- Developer: Draft communications with MPP’s for grassroots efforts and media material for Op-Eds, Blogs, and Scrub-In.
Lobby Day Team (2 positions): Develop programming for OMSA’s annual Lobby Day event. Provide support to the Lobby Day coordinator.

Communications Committee

Communications Committee Description: The communications committee will work to engage Ontario medical students with the events, services, and advocacy done by the OMSA, and engage medical students in provincial health care issues and medical student advocacy. We will work together to develop promotional campaigns (ex. Ontario Medical Student of the Month, contests), communicate on social media, and maintain and strengthen the website/blog, among other communications projects. Our committee is open to all students with any level of experience. If you have experience in communications (e.g. graphic design, video) please let us know. This committee is a great way to engage with all of the work OMSA does, and all are encouraged to apply! 

Committee Positions: 
Blog & Student of the Month (2 positions): Gather student written / created content to publish through the OMSA blog. Assist in garnering nominations for Student of the Month and selecting winners. 
Website (2 positions): Assist in managing current OMSA website: adding new posts and maintaining questions / answer section. Will assist in creating two-year plan to develop new OMSA website. Will assist in recruiting / vetting of WebDevelopers.
Social Media (2 positions): Assist in managing OMSA social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Will be responsible for posting high-impact / high-value content regularly, maintaining integrity and professionalism on social media accounts at all times.
Design (3 positions): Responsible for designing OMSA public relationships material including but not limited to: guidebooks, infographics and information sheets. Assist in creating new logos and graphics for OMSA material. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and/or InDesign desired. 
Photo/Video (3 positions): Responsible for shooting videos and photographs during OMSA events including OMSW, Wellness Retreat, Leadership Weekend & Lobby Day. Responsible for creating promotional material related to OMSA events and Student of the Month. 
*A portfolio of at least 3 PDFs / videos is required for the design and photo / video positions. Please e-mail them directly to the attention of the Director of Communications, Bushra Khan, at Please state your LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, POSITION APPLYING FOR in the title. 


Wellness Committee Description: The Wellness Committee is a collaboration of medical students from across the province who are interested in the well being of themselves and others. Their responsibilities include helping organize the wellness retreat, which entails sponsorships, activities, and inviting speakers. The committee will also be expected to help promote wellness initiatives at their respective school and any others that arise. This includes helping organize events locally at their school. All members are expected to liase with their own school's wellness committees. Members will get together for monthly meetings via online or teleconference and work consistently throughout the year on any initiatives. Time commitment is about 1-2 hours a week. Must be available March 24-26, 2017. Please outline any related experience you have in the first question box.
* Wellness Committee candidates please indicate what they are interested in: logistics, sponsorships, speakers, or activities sub-groups. Preference is not guaranteed.

Ontario Wellness Officer Description:
The Ontario Wellness Officer will work with the Director of Services as the co-chair of the Wellness Retreat and any other wellness initiatives throughout the year. They will have a great deal of responsibility, which include organizing the logistics of the retreat, securing external sponsorship, mobilizing Wellness Committee members, liaising with school administration, and planning activities and workshops. If the Director of Services is unable to attend any related meetings, the Wellness Officer may take their place. Please include a CV in your application. Time commitment is >3-4 hours per week and increases near the retreat date. Must be available March 24-26, 2017. Please submit a CV to with "Last name, First name - Wellness Officer Application". You may apply for both the officer and wellness committee position.