NEWS: Please see the Report from the 2015-2016 Education Portfolio, highlighting everything that occurred in the year in the Education arm of OMSA. 

The Second Year of OMSA's Education Portfolio

The Ontario Medical Students’ Association is excited for the second year of the Education portfolio.

The Education portfolio has had a great start with the creation of several impactful projects such as the Incoming Student Handbook, Interest Group Database, and the Student Run Clinics Toolkit. The Director of Education has also represented students to several educational groups, such as the CPSO Education Committee and the OMA Academic Medical Forum. The Medical Education community has embraced student input with open arms and OMSA is proud to do its part in improving medical education.

This year’s OMSA Education Committee will continue to build on the successes of last year with four foci: educational advocacy, collaboration, mentorship, and scholarship.

The first focus will be educational advocacy. As medical education evolves in Ontario, it is critical that student voices are heard. Through the development of policy statements and position papers, the education committee will advocate for students on numerous platforms. If you have ideas for position papers, don’t hesitate to bring them forward. We will also build on our Incoming Student Handbook by collaborating with Ontario’s Medical School’s to bring valuable information to students as they get ready to enter the profession.

The second focus will be on collaboration. Working with other organizations is an integral part of the Education Committee. OMSA was able to work with the CFMS last year to create the Student Run Clinics Toolkit. This year, we will be releasing our first Health Human Resources guide, a product of collaboration with Health Force Ontario, the OMA, program directors, and others. We will build on these initiatives and look to collaborate with Ontario’s students who want to leverage OMSA’s reach to expand on their grassroots initiatives.

The third focus will be on mentorship. Taking steps to improve peer mentoring, facilitating admission of students from broader socioeconomic backgrounds, and identifying successful but unpublished interventions in student wellness and skill-building—our new team hopes to make sure Ontario’s students are both informed and applauded in these areas.

The final focus will be on scholarship. Through our Medical Student Education Research Grant (MSERG), we will be funding students in Ontario who are completing innovative projects in medical education. We are committed to supporting students as they advance knowledge through scholarship.

A message from Rishad:

“This portfolio is for Ontario’s medical students and we hope you find some of these resources valuable. Last year’s successes were built on the efforts of your peers. If you have project ideas in medical education, we would love to hear from you. Our portfolio is always looking to support grassroots initiatives. We also encourage feedback on our work. What did you like about a project? What did you think could be improved?

I look forward to building on existing initiatives and supporting new ones. I can be reached at and will provide updates from @RishadJKhan.